Solution Features

Unique Design

The solution is built on the Mercedes platform and is designed to be part chilled warehouse and part mobile storefront.  The solution is designed to be low cost, remotely monitored & and easily maintained.

Operational Instruction

The solution includes specific instructions designed for easy integration within an operations team. Vehicles support field sales as well as mobile delivery of small or larger orders.

Regulatory Requirements

Mod Fresh illustrates in its design how to meet mobile food regulatory requirements.   The fabrication supplier will also demonstrate how to operate the vehicle to meet all requirements.

How It Works

New SolutionOld Methods of Design

Mod Fresh recommends proven equipment - each with strong warranties and decades of commercial use behind it.  The key to success is strong relationships with key suppliers experienced in developing mobile vehicle solutions.

Specific Components

The solution uses a minimum of components which come together

  • Custom rolling racks
  • Wash down, hygenic solution
  • Solar powered refrigeration
  • Custom point of sale system
  • Remote GPS and Temp monitoring
  • Real time KPI monitoring
  • Shore power hookup
  • Onboard water connection
  • Custom power management
  • 30-40 cubic feet of product
  • Easy tote handling
  • 100's of items