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February 8, 2012

Mobile Fresh Food Articles

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The list shares information relating to field sales of mobile fresh food. Topics include: news, engineering, food safety, politics, philanthropy & charitable efforts, innovation and other issues related to Mobile Fresh Food. If you have a link you’d like to add, make a comment and we’ll add it to the list.

11/18/11 – The Atlantic Cities: Grocery Stores on Wheels

10/19/11 – Veggie mobile gives people access to fresh food Great article showing neat strong “organic” innovation in mobile fresh food – serving a great cause. Made their second vehicle!

07/06/11 – Sustainable Cities Collective Do Mobile Food Markets Increase Urban Food Access?

05/06/11 – Huffington Post Are Mobile Groceries The Solution For Food Deserts?

04/25/11 – Gadling (Huffington Post Blog) Mobile farmers markets: the next “big thing” in food trucks? An article describing the potential rise of mobile famers markets.

06/11/09 – New York Times – Customers Prove There’s a Market for Fresh Produce This article is great because it explains approximately the start of Green Carts into the Burroughs of New York.

No Date – Retail News: Food Deserts – Their big news, but do they really offer fertile ground for retail growth?

Mobile Fresh Food Companies

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We are passionate about Mobile Fresh Food and have created a running list of great efforts. Whether the solution is a mobile grocer, mobile grab & go solution or mobile farmer’s market – we love it. FYI, this is not a list of food trucks (there’s plenty of those)! If were missing anyone, let us know!

Fresh Moves: An organization in Chicago that has created a successful solution in marketing fresh produce using a bus from the city of Chicago. They also may go by the name Food Desert Action.

FreshMovesFresh Moves

Garden on the Go Indiana University Health’s Garden on the Go™ is an effort to improve access to affordable fruits and vegetables in “food deserts” throughout Marion County. A “food desert” is defined as “an area that lacks access to affordable, healthy foods.”

MoGro: An organization in Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico using mobile engineered methods to help food deserts. A powerful vision: “Elimination of “food deserts” in New Mexico: that all communities have access to healthy, affordable, and sustainably sourced foods”. They may be re-working some of their delivery model, but they are inspiring in their efforts.

Arcadia Food Org: An organization with a lot going on in terms of philanthropy. Based in Alexandria, VA – they are set to launch a mobile food vehicle in Spring of 2012. Lots of good stuff on their website (keep your eyes on them). The fact that they actually accomplished much of their financing with Kick Starter makes it even better.

Fulton Fresh: An organization in Fulton County, Georgia. This looks like an actual government run group with a number of “agents” who help educate residents on healthy meal preparation as well as other food related information needs. Would welcome any information / updates on this group (

Farm Mobile: (From Twitter) “Farm Mobile is a mobile farm store operated by Riverview Farms in the Atlanta area. We stop, you hop on in and shop from the local food source from area farms.” Farm Mobile looks to be a converted Step Up style vehicle which allows customers to walk on board and purchase a variety of fruits and veggies.

Farm Mobile

Beans and Greens Still looking for good information on this effort. Please email any info you have.

Beans and Greens

Second Harvest: An organization in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties in California.Second Harvest is a food bank which receives great donations from a network of local growers. They were able to purchase 2 vehicles and have improvised ways to use the vehicles to improve food access. Customers can walk around the vehicles and pick items from the storage bays.

Second Harvest

Veggie Mobile: The Veggie Mobile is a project of Capital District Community Gardens, located in upstate New York’s Capital Region. Established in 1975, CDCG is a private non-profit community service organization that has been helping residents of Albany, Rensselaer, and Schenectady Counties improve their neighborhoods through community gardening, healthy food access and urban greening programs for more than 30 years.

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