Who We Are

Max Ferrigni


Max Ferrigni created Mod Fresh to illustrate the power of mobile food when combined with superior brands and packaged products.  The solution compliments your existing products & brand by enabling you to reach new markets and new customers more easily.

Kiowa Saunders


Ki Saunders creates effective food solutions drawing from a wide network of relationships and proven product development.  Ki envisioned a method for grocers to put their best products in the field: side by side against any quick serve option.


Build a Mobile Presence

Expand beyond your store to find new customers. Add a mobile format.

Creating a mobile food solution can be a confusing endeavor.  Businesses are faced with difficult challenges in food health & safety guidelines while also integrating with their existing distribution centers.  Mod Fresh demonstrated that mobile fresh food is a reality which can be achieved by grocers and packaged food retailers.  The Mod Fresh patent pending design was built from the ground up to be low cost & flexible while meeting a wide range of product temperatures, dimensions and customer requirements.


The Mod Fresh solution for your business leverages a broad supplier base.  Mod Fresh helps connect grocers, our design and proven vehicle manufacturers to create mobile fresh food solutions: on time and within budget.

Expert Design

The Mod Fresh solution for mobile fresh food was conceptualized, designed and tested with a goal of making healthy fresh food widely available. The solution is a simple but elegant design which can be applied by companies large and small.